ADHD/Education Assessment
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Helping children and families understand ADHD

It can be difficult when a parent hears that their child is not “doing well” in school. Concerns from teachers that your child may have ADHD can be hard to hear as a parent. Seeing your child have difficulties with different subject areas in school can also be disheartening. As a clinical psychologist my approach to assessment is to ultimately help the child and family understand what is going on.

Psychological assessment consists of many different phases. I will first want to meet with the parents and the child to gain a full understanding of what is going on. We will then develop a plan for moving forward with assessment. This may include behavioral checklists to be completed by the parents, teachers, or childcare professionals.

There may be various other assessments administered including: IQ, Academic Achievement, Tests of Attention, and Personality Assessments. My approach in giving these is to gain a full understanding of your child’s intellectual abilities. This process should be a positive one for your child.

Finally, a psychological report will be written for parents and teachers to utilize. We will engage in a follow-up appointment so that I can answer any questions that you may have and develop a strategy for moving forward.

If you feel that ADHD/Education Assessment would be beneficial for your child, please contact me. Prior to your first visit you will complete all necessary forms through a client portal, which I will send to you via email. This will allow us to get started with therapy in a timely manner.

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