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Family Therapy can prove to be beneficial in creating a healthy family system

My initial training and education was centered around family therapy. My approach to family therapy utilizes family systems theory and structural family therapy. Simply, I view the parts of the system in relation to the whole. In working with families, I like to focus on improving the family unit as a whole, not focusing on who is wrong or right. We don’t choose our families, but we also don’t have to continue to live with conflict or poor satisfaction within the confines of our homes.

Specifically, the role of a Structural Family Psychologist is to “join” the family system throughout the therapy process in order to gain a better understanding of the invisible rules which guide each family. In addition, it is helpful to map the relationships between family members and different subsets within the family unit. By engaging in this process therapy is able to “disrupt” the dysfunctional relationships within the family, leading to a healthier system. At times, parents may bring a child in for therapy, labeling him/her as the “problem.” Family therapy would contend, however, that the problem does not lie within the individual, but within the family system as a whole.

Family therapy may not be appropriate for every family. It can be intense and bring up difficult emotions and patterns within the family. At times, parents may even experience emotions surrounding their own childhood. Despite these difficulties, however, therapy can prove to be beneficial in creating a healthy family system, leading to better lives for all. Please contact me if you feel family therapy would be appropriate for you and your family.

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